Who Is Salomé Villeneuve? Denis Villeneuve Daughter Age Wiki, Boyfriend And Instagram

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Salome Villeneuve is the daughter of famous French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Let’s learn more about him.

Salome Villeneuve is mostly known as the daughter of famous Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.

Most recently, she is dating Jean-Marc Vallée’s son, as the news of Jeanne’s death has shocked people who knew her.

Jean-Marc is also a Canadian filmmaker, film editor and screenwriter. Their son named Emil was rumored to be dating Salome.

Who is Salome Villeneuve? Denis Villeneuve’s daughter Vicki discovered

Salome Villeneuve is a model who is more famous as the daughter of French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

Unfortunately, Salome is not yet featured in the official domain of the Wikipedia page.

There is also not much information about Salome on the web. But here’s everything you need to know about him.

Villeneuve’s daughter, Salome is from Montreal, Canada. She was a student at Concordia University, Quebec, Canada.

Salome is the step-daughter of Tanya LaPointe, a Canadian filmmaker and former journalist best known for her 2020 documentary film, The Paper Man.

She also has two other siblings and her uncle Martin Villeneuve is also a film producer.

Salome is a very private person. He has not exposed himself in the public eye. He has successfully maintained his way of staying away from internet sharks.

Denis Villeneuve daughter’s age and boyfriend revealed

Denis Villeneuve’s daughter, Salome might be in her mid-20s as her exact age is not yet available on the internet.

Wally’s son Emile and Villeneuve’s daughter Salome are rumored to be dating.

Emile and Salome met at a bar in Canada. He was not introduced by his famous French-Canadian fathers.

They hit it off as soon as they met and recently spent a lot of time together at the Toronto Film Festival, where both of their fathers’ films were playing.

However, this may just be a rumour, as the news has not yet been confirmed by Emile or Salome.

Salome Villeneuve: Meet her on Instagram

Salome Villeneuve is available on Instagram as @salomevilleneuve. His account is not verified yet.

She has gathered more than four thousand followers on her Instagram account and has more than 90 posts.

His Instagram account is full of portraits and nature of people. She is not seen posting her own pictures on Instagram for some reason.

Villeneuve seems to be an adventurer as he has visited many amazing places which we can see from his Instagram stories.

Also, her Instagram posts are mostly black and white rather than colourful.


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