Mike Smiff Age And Real Name Explored – How Old Tall Is The Rapper?

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Mike Smiff is an emerging rapper from Miami-Dade County, Florida. Let us find out the details of the rapper’s age.

Mike Smiff is a Miami-based rapper who has been building his career in the Dade County scene since releasing a series of mixtapes in the early 2010s.

The rapper released his singles in 2013’s 10 Toes Down and 2012’s Table Manners with Bug Mann: We’ve Gone Eat By Any Means Necessary, Vol. 2.

Following the success, Mike signed with Miami hip hop label Slip-N-Slide, and with them, released 17 tracks from Chase Dis Money. And, to date, he has released two additional albums, taking the tally to nine.

How old is Mike Smiff? The age of the rapper has been ascertained

Unfortunately, the current age of Mike Smiff is not available at the moment.

Not much is known about the age of the rapper on the internet. Neither has any post on Mike’s Instagram related to his birthday.

However, judging by his recent pictures, Mike looks to be 30-40 years old as of 2021. Smiff is from Miami-Dade County, Florida.

And, according to her, her childhood was nothing more than a matter of survival, being born as a single mother in an economically backward family, doing multiple jobs to keep food on the table.

Smiff lived for some time with his uncle in Indiana when his mother became frustrated with his unruly behavior at school, especially with teachers.

Mike Smiff’s real name is Michael Smiff

Michael Smiff is the real name of rapper Mike Smiff. He adopted the name for the sake of his career.

Under the name, Mike made him famous and an emerging rap artist from Dade County and is now eyeing the mainstream industry.

In the 2010s the Smiffs began to gain recognition, releasing 10 Toes Down and a mic tape in 2012 entitled Table Manners: We’ve Gonna Eat By Any Means Required, Vol. 2.

To date, he has released nine albums, the latest in 2019 being All Gas No Breaks Vol. 3. We can find the rapper on Instagram with the name @mikesmiff305, where he has more than 211k followers and 290 posts so far.

The rapper is also available on Twitter with the same name.

How tall is Mike Smiff? his height details

The exact height details of Mike Smiff are not available on the internet.

Looking at the picture of the rapper, it seems that he is of an average build, not more than 6 feet.

As for his body weight, the rapper is a massive figure, far exceeding the overweight class.

The Smiff easily weighs over 300 pounds or 130 kilograms.


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