What Happened To Lee Dutton On Yellowstone? Died – Who Killed John Dutton Son?

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What happened to Lee Dutton? He was killed during an unsuccessful mission to retrieve cattle in the first episode of Yellowstone, which John Dutton had four children with.

Yellowstone Paramount is a TV drama series that tells the story of Dutton and his ranch.

The series has almost completed four seasons, and fans are all too familiar with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his children.

Most fans want to know about the cause of death of Lee Dutton, the oldest of John Dutton; Here are some conclusions.

What happened to Lee Dutton at Yellowstone?

Lee Dutton has died as a fictional character in the fascinating Paramount Network series Yellowstone, played by Dave Annabel.

However, series lovers seem to think there’s a mystery behind it, and he may revisit in the first episode as a flashback to complete the story of his sudden death.

Yellowstone, first launched in 2018 on the Paramount Network, is a contemporary cowboy drama that portrays a family fighting for their land against outsiders.

There is minimum reference attached to Li in the whole chain. Despite John Dutton having four children, a Yellowstone fan in the Reddit community pointed to a central plot hole.

How did Lee Dutton die at Yellowstone? cause of death

Lee Dutton dies in an attempt to save the family theft from the Broken Rock Reservation and is shocked to death in the very first episode.

However, many speculate that Lee’s story isn’t over yet, and that there’s more to the character in the flashbacks.

The first few seasons of Yellowstone went through so much suspense that it’s not easy to forget the John Dutton family and the series pilot’s four children. His favorite son was his eldest son Lee, and at the same time, he was the heir to the family business.

Fabs has drawn attention to the fact that there are only three children in the photos, instead of the four in the Dutton family photos – even the ones that feature their late mother Evelyn (Gretchen Moll).

Does this mean that the character Lee was abruptly removed from the entire series?

Who killed John Dutton’s son? murder theory

John Dutton, son Lee Dutton, was killed by a bullet coming from Robert Long’s gun while he was retrieving his stolen cattle.

When Lee and several others set off to retrieve the cattle stolen by the Broken Rock Indians, they took the men to the reservation and tried to turn the cattle.

But on the other hand there was already someone who was trying his best to keep the cattle with him.

John also saw him as Lee’s brother Cayce and called off the operation, ordering his men to retreat.

Nevertheless, the progress of the series will clearly uncover the truth and reason behind his sudden death in the coming episodes.


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