Who Is Valentina Harris Husband Bob Harris? Married Life And Wikipedia Bio

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Valentina Harris is an award-winning author and avid Italian cook who has written over 30 books.

Valentina Harris still makes time to share her skills and love of Italian food by hosting courses as a regular face at culinary festivals in the UK and contributing to radio, TV, newspapers and publications.

Valentina Harris is the proud chair of the London chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffiers, and she is dedicated to raising the status of professional women in the worlds of food, drink and hospitality. In addition, she uses her wealth of knowledge to help young women who wish to work in these fields.

Who is Valentina Harris’ husband Bob Harris? he’s married?

Valentina Harris is married to Bob Harris.

Unfortunately, not much is known about when Valentina and Bob Harris got married.

Valentina Harris: Searched for details on her Wikipedia. what is his age?

Valentina Harris appears to be at the end of her fifty.

Valentina Harris is the youngest member of a vast Anglo-Italian gourmet family, through the famous Sforza dynasty in 1369. Valentina was educated in Italy and moved to London in 1976 with her Teaching and Culinary Arts degree.

Valentina Harris is a passionate and experienced teacher. She loves to share her food philosophy, skills, stories and experiences with food and its rich history, as well as solid and distinctive cooking techniques.

Does Valentina Harris have an Instagram account?

Valentina Harris has an Instagram account. To begin with, his handle is named @chef_valentina. He has 980 followers and 86 posts.

In her Instagram bio, she mentions that she is a food expert at Platinum Mag UK, author of Crunchy Tales, and special events consultant at Jeremy’s Restaurants.

Similarly, he also has an Instagram account. The name of his handle is @ChefValentina. He has 2,045 followers and 1,070 posts. He also has 3,421 tweets.


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