Who is Dominick Black? Age, Wiki, Gun-selling charges, Wife, Family, Net worth

dominick black

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Dominic Black was charged with delivering dangerous weapons to a minor in November 2020, resulting in his death at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

His name was in the headlines because of his gun delivery leading to the death of two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Did Dominic Black’s gun selling charges go away?

Things began to turn bad for Dominic Black as his friend Kyle Rittenhouse used a gun he bought from Black to kill two people and injure a third during last year’s protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2021.

Black was dating Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister at the time and they came into contact with each other during this period, and it was during this period that Black bought an AR 15 style rifle, which was used by Kyle Rittenhouse, as the picture of Kyle Rittenhouse was the same. Holding the rifle went viral. Social media following the incident Kyle Rittenhouse was only 17 when he shot dead Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injured Gage Grosskretz.

Black, 18, buys a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle at the Ladysmith Ace Home Center on May 1, 2020 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Black said in his defense that he had bought the ruff for hunting and targeting in northern Wisconsin and had no idea that Kyle Rittenhouse might use his weapon in protest.

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According to a source, Dominic Black’s lawsuit for providing a gun to a minor has been dismissed. He could face up to 12 years in prison, but the source says his charge was dropped after promising not to plead guilty to buying a gun for Kyle Rittenhouse.

While many believe he could have prevented Kyle Rittenhouse from bringing the rifle, for now, all charges against Rittenhouse have been dropped. However, Rittenhouse faces a total of five felony charges, including murder and attempted murder.

Dominic Dark Ages, Family, Early Life

Dominic Black is a 20-year-old man who was convicted and charged last year i.e. 2020 for providing a dangerous weapon to Kyle Rittenhouse, who was only 17 years old.

Dominic Black earlylife

He is from Kenosha, Wisconsin USA, and during last year’s procedure in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2021 his gun Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and injured one.

As a result, Dominic Black was charged and was about to be imprisoned, however, the court found him not guilty and he is now out of jail.

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As of now, we have no information about his early life except that he was dating Kenosha, Wisconsin sister and got to know Kenosha, Wisconsin through her. Apart from this, we do not have any information about his family background. We will update this section as soon as we receive it.

What were the school and college majors?

Since Dominic Black’s personal information has not yet been released for security and obvious reasons.

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We don’t know what the academic head of Dominic Black is.

Dominic Black Net Worth, How much does he earn?

Because Dominic Black’s personal information has not yet been released for security and obvious reasons.

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We do not know what Dominic Black’s net worth is.

In what relationship is Dominic Black currently living?

He was dating Kyle Rittenhouse’s sister in the movement of the incident but we have no information about his current status.

Does Dominic Black have a social media presence?

Because Dominic Black’s personal information has not yet been released for security and obvious reasons.

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We have no access to these social media accounts.

Dominic Black’s Physical Appearance Height, Weight

height n/a
weight n/a
child brown
eye color brown
body type fit
sexual orientation Straight

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