Is Dawn French still married to Mark Bignell? How did Dawn French Meet Mark Bignell?

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Don French is a British actress, comedian, writer and presenter who starred in the BBC comedy show “French and Saunders”. Don French is 64 years old and received a BAFTA fellowship in 2009.

Mark Bignell is a 56-year-old British physician and co-founder of a charity organization called Hamo’s House. Humoez House is responsible for helping drug addicts heal and integrate them into society.

Is Don French Still Married to Mark Bignell?

Don French is still married to Mark Bignell. Don French and Mark Bignell walked down the aisle in 2013 after dating for more than 16 months.

How did Don French meet Mark Bignell?

Don French and Mark Bignell met through Don French’s late mother. Don French’s mother and Mark Bignell were co-workers and Don French was writing novels at the time.

Following the retirement of Don’s mother, Mark Bignell was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the House of Hamoes.


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