Dos Oruguitas Meaning and Lyrics In English – Full Disney Encanto Song Translation

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The meaning of Dos Oruguitas is quite deep and interesting to understand.

The song Dos Oruguitas has gained popularity after its initial release on December 9, 2021. You can listen to beautiful music on YouTube and other music platforms.

Well, netizens are keen to know more about the song since it featured in the animated film, encanto, You can stream feature movies on Disney+ now!

Dos Orugitas Meaning Explained

Dos Oruguitas is a Spanish word. The meaning behind the wordtwo little caterpillars,

Therefore, Celebusaga can claim that the song is about two caterpillars. Many readers may find this unusual because the song is about two insects.

But. As we mentioned earlier, the song has a deep meaning. Keep reading this article to know what the musician has to say.

Before understanding what it means, we should know who composed this beautiful piece of music. According to The Focus, the song was performed by Sebastian Journey, a Colombian singer, and songwriter.

Allegedly, Dos Oruguitas introduced us to two caterpillars. These insects spent every morning and evening learning how to hold on to each other.

Despite the bad weather, they stay together, and even though they are separated, they find their way back to each other. Well, they live in cocoons and patiently wait to become butterflies.

Indeed, Dos Oruguitas has left an important note in everyone’s life. No matter how much we struggle, we will definitely get freedom in the end.

As the moral suggests, the two caterpillars become butterflies and separate. Like caterpillars, we must find our future.

What is Dos Oruguitas Lyrics in English?

Dos Oruguitas has lyrics in Spanish. Nevertheless, it is very easy to translate and learn its meaning in English.

The best tool to help you translate lyrics google translate, But, you don’t need to because this article will clear your doubts regarding the popular song.

From Fandom we have learned the English song of Dos Oruguitas. Hopefully, an English version will be released soon.

The song begins with two little caterpillars who are in love. Reportedly, they spend their nights and early mornings.

Despite their hunger, they navigate the world and keep on changing. During their adventure, they never stop growing.

Although they have been together for a short time, they have to reunite. Also, the lyricist keeps mentioning that they will have to part ways someday.

After several months, these distracted caterpillars now turn into cocoons. The world keeps changing and the couple now have different dreams.

In the end, both become butterflies. In fact, the time has come for them to part ways.

Now, they can’t hold each other because they have to find their future. Butterflies have to fly in search of new life.

Disney Encanto Song Dos Oruguitas Goes Viral

Dos Oruguitas was presented during the end credits of Encanto. However, this song was played throughout the film.

Within a couple of weeks, the music has gone viral. So far Dos Oruguitas has been viewed more than 276 thousand times on YouTube.


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