Does Gardener Sue Kent Have A Disability? Everything To Know About The Gardener

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Fans are asking if Sue Kent is disabled or not? If you are interested to know about his condition, read the article till the end.

Sue Kent is a news presenter and a gardener at Gardeners World 2021. She is also a licensed massage therapist specializing in sports and relaxation massage.

Sue worked in marketing and sales throughout her career. However, when she looked for a more flexible job, she turned to sports massage. He volunteered as a Sports Massage Therapist at Paralympic Village in 2012.

Is Gardner Sue Kent Disabled?

Sue Kent was born in the early 1960s with upper limb obstruction caused by the morning sickness drug tholidomide and its adverse effects. On the other hand, medicinal authorities claim that the substance was intended to be used as a sedative or tranquilizer.

Sixty-one-year-old Sue has 8-inch-long arms, no thumb, and seven fingers due to an upper-limb anomaly. Despite this, she has always been eager to overcome obstacles and find new ways of doing things.

Mrs. Kent’s simple demeanor and enthusiasm for her 30-year-old 3/4-acre garden made visitors want more. Her positive approach to getting the job done adds a new glow to gardening, whether it’s choosing the right tools or learning how to grow on your own feet.

Sue demonstrates how pleasant it can be to connect with Earth. We’ll follow her work on her ‘No Dig’ vegetable beds throughout the year as she takes on a new task of revamping an allotment in addition to her large wrap-around garden.

Mrs Kent initially made a guest appearance in Gardeners World episodes 14 and 22, to take us around her beautiful seaside garden in Wales. She also showed how she had adapted her garden and gardening to meet her specific demands.

Sue appears on the Gardeners World podcast in January 2021. He made his debut as a presenter on the long-running BBC television show. For his outstanding work, he won The Alan Titchmarsh New Talent of the Year award in November 2021.

Who is Sue Kent Husband? family traced

Sue Kent enjoys her blissful marital union with her loving and supportive husband, Stephen Kent. Her spouse is always a person of family responsibility and emotional feelings. He helped his wife in those bad moments when she was in trouble.

The couple are proud parents of two grown and successful children, James and Georgina. At present, both his children are married to their respective partners. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Kent have become grandparents to a sweet baby girl through Georgina.

Sue Kent to claim $500k net worth in 2021

Sue Kent has a net worth of $500 thousand as of 2021. She currently earns a decent salary as an award winning presenter in BBC Television. She receives $59.2k per episode for presenting the gardening show, Gardener’s World.

Mrs. Kent initially began her professional career as a Marketing and Purchasing Executive at Home Retail Group plc in 1984. In addition, he worked for Active Marketing Company, The Thalidomide Trust and Enjoyfeet Ltd.


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