Did Nicole Kidman Get Plastic Surgery For Lucille Ball? Before and After Pictures

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Rumors of Nicole Kidman getting plastic surgery for Lucille Ball are doing the rounds on the internet. How true is this gossip; let’s find out.

A lead actress, Nicole Kidman, is currently best known for her new film Being the Ricardos. The film is a biographical drama, in which Nicole played the famous actress Lucille Ball.

Prior to the film, she also starred in a mini-series called Nine Perfect Strangers, which was based on the brilliant novel by Liane Moriarty.

In addition, Kidman has also starred in the upcoming thriller film The Norman and the TV drama Expats.

Did Nicole Kidman have plastic surgery for Lucille Ball?

The biographical film “Being the Ricardos” aired worldwide on 21 December 2021. The film gained popularity as it was based on the love life of the stars Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

Nicole beautifully portrayed the role of “I Love Lucy” star Ball as a starring actress. However, he has been facing rumours since the premiere of the film.

But has she actually gone through the procedures? According to Vanity Fair, Nicole went through a lot to fulfill her role, and as far as the body transformation, she had similar makeup, wigs, and minimal prosthetics.

As for Kidman, he just raised his eyebrows for the transformation.

Nicole Kidman before and after pictures

Nicole has faced many difficulties while playing the role of Lucille Ball. He has worked very hard to perfect the star moments.

Still, Kidman is facing criticism and the internet’s hate for his appearance. While there are people who have supported him, users have also condemned his look.

Regardless, the actress was praised for her outstanding performance in the film. He was also nominated for a Critics’ Choice Movie Award and a Golden Globe Award.

There may be an adverse reaction to Nicole’s before and after surgery photos. Still and everything else, she carried the film ahead with her performance.

More on Nicole Kidman and Lucille Ball Face

It has been a bit challenging for Nicole to portray the legendary star Lucille. He has learned the reaction of every face and the tone of the ball.

She perfects her low-pitched tone with the help of a coach. Kidman has spent most of his COVID-19 lockdown perfecting the character of Lucille.

As far as the face is concerned, Ball is known to look unique and beautiful. To look similar to Nicole, she had transformation makeup, a wig, and some prosthetics.

Even though the actress has been receiving different comments for her look transformation, she was praised for her stellar performance.


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