Chris Noth Girlfriends: How many wives does Chris Noth have?

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Chris Noth is an American actor best known for Law & Order, Mr. Big in Sex and The City.

As his career progressed, The Good Wife alum’s personal life became a popular topic, but he rarely announced whether or not he was in a relationship.

In the early 2000s, Noth had a high-profile relationship with a model and was believed to be dating an actress. Even when he met his now-wife Tara Wilson, he still managed to hide his love.

He had at least three romances before Tara Wilson. Beverly Johnson was Chris Noth’s girlfriend from 1990 to 1995. In a 1993 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Noth stated that Johnson wanted “marriage and family”, while he was particularly fine with dating.

In 2001, Noth met Tara Wilson while working as a bartender at The Cutting Room, which was owned by the Gone alum. They welcomed their first son, Orion Christopher, seven years later. The couple married in Maui in 2012, and their second son, Keats, was born eight years later.


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