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An insane female Delta Airlines passenger was arrested by the FBI after she slapped a fellow passenger on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Please continue reading this article to find out the details of the case

Patricia Cornwall, a neurotic woman, was captured by the Feds on Thursday after a bizarre incident aboard Flight 2790.

According to police, the woman was charged with causing “disturbance” mid-flight, resulting in “harm to fellow passengers and Delta employees.”

Karen: Delta Passenger, Patricia Cornwall is arrested in Atlanta?

Patrica Cornwall caused “disturbance” on a Delta Air Lines flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday, causing damage to several people, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

ATL Uncensored shared a video of a woman standing in the aisle yelling at a male passenger as they exchange heated words.

She screams, “Put your f*’ mask on!” While his own mask sits under his chin.

He yells at the woman, “Sit down, Karen!”

Police from the Atlanta Police Department took passenger Patricia Cornwall into custody after questioning witnesses and was confiscated by FBI agents.

Officers drove to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, where they met with Delta employees at Gate A11 to await the arrival of Flight 2790.

According to, Cornwall was taken to the local Atlanta police station before being arrested by FBI officers.

Patricia Cornwall Wikipedia and LinkedIn

Right now, there is not much information available on the internet about Patrica Cornwall. However, there is a Wikipedia page for Patrika Cornwall, a crime writer from the United States.

People are speculating whether the writer will be caught during the flight. However, Patrica is a different person, and very little information about her is currently available on the internet.

Also, Patricia is not yet available on LinkedIn. However, people are searching the woman on the internet and social media.

We will keep our readers informed as soon as any new information about Patricia becomes available.

Patricia abused at Delta Airlines: Facebook photo goes viral

Delta Airlines passenger Patricia Cornwall slapped an elderly man wearing a mask on December 23 while eating and drinking. A fellow passenger made a video of the incident which has gone viral on Facebook and other social media.

Netizens called Patricia Cornwall “Karen” when the video gained momentum on social media. The term derogatory Internet slang refers to an affluent white woman who is more demanding of others than the average person.


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