Alex Jones Wife Erika Wulff Jones Arrested – Domestic Violence, Are They Divorced?

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Alex Jones’ wife Erica Wolf Jones was arrested on Christmas Eve.

Infowars founder, Alex Jones’ wife, Erica Wolf Jones, has been arrested in Austin, Texas. Recently, this couple is in discussion since their arrest.

Alex is famous for hosting the radio show known as Door-Daraz. In addition, he is a well-known conspiracy theorist and has websites that promote it.

Erica and Alex’s relationship became infamous after his allegations. Here you will get more updates about Jodi and Arrest news.

Alex Jones Wife Erica Wolf Jones Arrested: Details On Mugshots

Alex Jones married his second wife, Erica Vaughn in 2017. The pair have been married for almost four years and have a child together.

Erica was arrested in Austin, Texas during Christmas Eve. The news of the arrest came as a shock to the public, as everyone was shocked by his allegations.

As per reports, he injured the family member and caused physical harm. He was arrested from where he lives.

However, Jones has not disclosed details about the victim. As of now, it is not known with whom Erica had assaulted.

His mugshot is not available yet.

Erica Wolf Jones charged with domestic violence

Erica Wolf has been charged with domestic violence after injuring a family member. At present he is under the ambit of the ongoing investigation.

She is booked for Austin Jail at 8:45 p.m. Friday. In addition, Travis County Sheriff’s representatives are looking into his case and the charges against him.

According to the report, Erica was accused of a misdemeanor that caused physical harm to a family member. For now, details about the victim of the attack have been concealed and not named.

Additionally, Jones was said to have suffered a drug imbalance resulting in assault and resisting arrest. He was taken into custody from the house where the family lived.

Erica Wolf Jones – Are They Divorced?

Erica turns 43 in 2021. She married Alex Jones at the age of 39.

The couple also has a child together. The couple appears to have had a volatile relationship from the very beginning of the relationship.

Previously, Jones’ ex-wife Erica had sole custody because of Alex’s behavior. She described her husband as a threat to her children.

As the wife of the famous radio host, her net worth is still under review. However, facing all the complications, the couple is yet to say anything about their divorce.


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