What Happened To Hope Solo? Update On Her DUI Arrest & Charges

What Happened To Hope Solo? Arrested On DWI Charges and Husband Jerramy Stevens

Hope Solo is a notable competitor who went on to become one of the top goalscorers in football during her school days at the University of Washington. Back in 2008, she helped the US women’s national soccer team win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Thereafter, after four years, she was crucial for the Summer Games in London, which her group won. She finally ended her experience with the public group that ended after controversial comments during the 2016 Olympics.


Solo similarly documented a claim against US Soccer over inconsistent installment between female and male players. Recently, she has wound up in a legitimate issue, after experts found her to be an alleged DWI.

What’s up with Hope Solo? Charge & Kids Update Hope Solo is the previous goalkeeper for the US women’s national team. He was held in North Carolina on Thursday for alleged DWI charges.

She is currently being held in the Forsyth County Jail. TMZ revealed that she had two young children in the vehicle during the hour of the alleged DWI. Not knowing that the children are his own children that he offers to the previous NFL tight end, Jeremy Stevens.

DWI indicating driving while intoxicated or disrupted is a more real wrongdoing than DUI. According to reports, police arrested him in the parking garage of a Walmart in Winston-Salem.

According to her legal advisor Rich Nichols, Solo cannot make an authorization declaration at the time. Nonetheless, she believes that her fans should realize that her children are her life.

Also the statement also reveals that he is out of guardianship at that time and is with his loved ones. It’s not early times, she’s been in legal trouble.

Back in 2014, she was caught in a domestic incident with her sister and her nephew in Washington state for abusive behavior. The charges were later dropped in 2018 after an extensive cycle.

Where does the Hope Solo family live? Hope Solo is married to her significant other, Jeremy Stevens, with whom she has a cheerful group of four. The couple has twins together, Lozen Oriana Judith Stevens and Vittorio Genghis Stevens.

Solo was born on July 30, 1981, in Richland, Washington, to his parents Judy Lynn (née Shaw) and Jeffrey Solo. Growing up, she had her mother as an Italian-American Vietnam War veteran as her father was in and out of her life.

After separating from her father, she later moved to live with her mother. Solo recalled the time he and his brother went with their father to a ball game in a nearby town.

Although at first he thought it was a stampede, things came to light when the police caught hold of him. During her school days, she reconnected with her father and has maintained a cordial relationship since that time.

Was Hope Solo arrested? According to reports, Hope Solo was imprisoned in North Carolina on Thursday. In his new post, he has mentioned that he is out of care and with his loved ones.

Presently the matter is not traceable as she cannot make any announcement for valid reasons.

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What Happened To Hope Solo? Update On Her DUI Arrest & Charges


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