Dwayne Stephens Announced As The New WMU Basketball Coach, Career Details About Him

Dwayne Stephens Announced As The New WMU Basketball Coach, Career Details About Him

After working with Tom Izzo’s staff at Michigan State for nearly 20 years, Dwayne Stephens is currently set to guide the Michigan Men’s Ball Group. He is officially replacing Clayton Bates, who was terminated late after the second year of a three-year deal.

Michigan State has refreshed on Stephens’ various responsibilities such as player improvement, search and selection.


Stephens accepted a head training position at Western Michigan as partner lead trainer with the Spartans after 19 seasons. Despite the fact that an authorization announcement is yet to be put forward, a source confirmed the position with the Free Press on Monday.

Dwayne Stephens Wikipedia Dwayne stands out exceptionally clearly as one of the country’s top spotters. He has trained for 20 straight NCAA tournaments, including in the 2003 Final Four, as well as in the 2005, 2009, 2015 and 2019 Final Four with Michigan State, that he was driving.

He is currently the Authority Mentor of the Western Michigan Men’s B-Ball Group.

Stefan played for Simple from 1989 to 1993, before joining the training staff in 2003 after a four-year stint as an associate mentor at Marquette under the previous Izo ally.

He has been even more of a rabbit’s foot for Michigan State on the grounds that, during Stephens’ experience on the staff of Izo, MSU had the opportunity to go to five Final Fours, win six Big Ten customary season titles, four postseason. Won the competition crown, and also set a record of 477–189.

NBA players such as Draymond Greene, Adrian Payne, Dayonta Davis, Brandon Dawson, Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson Jr. were works worthy of Stephen.

Dwayne Stephens is 50 years old at the moment in 2022, which makes us think he was born in the year 1972, as far as anyone knows.

What is the new WMU Basketball Coach Salary? Stephens will purchase compensation for approximately $440,000 as head coach of Western Michigan.

This amount mimics the compensation that previous advisor Bates produced using his three-year contract with the group.

In any case, with regards to Stephens’ latest settlement, he is now believed to be making around $350,000, which is far more than all that Bates has proposed.

Is Dwayne Stephens Net Worth $5.8 Million? Dwayne Stephens net worth is not public but according to social guidelines and the compensation he has been receiving for the past few years, it is normal to be around $5.8 million.

Thus, tinkering with this principle is encouraged as his salary and real net worth can change suitably.

Dwayne Stephens Announced As The New WMU Basketball Coach, Career Details About Him


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