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Who Are Debbie And Robert Banfield? Bailey Banfield Parents And Family Details Revealed

Bailey Banfield is an Australian footballer who plays for Fremantle Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Banfield, who went without a draft in the 2016 AFL draft, competed in the WAFL for Clermont, where he was a piece of the Colts (WAFL) spread group in 2015.

Bailey Banfield Meet Parents Debbie and Robert Banfield Bailey Banfield was born to support and raise parents Debbie and Robert Banfield.

Full Name Bailey Banfield
Date of birth 26 February 1998
parent team Clermont (WAFL)
Format No. 5, 2018 Rookie Draft
Height 190 cm
weight 92 kg

The Banfield family moved to Broome, a shoreline seaside town, where they procured plans to own Willie Creek Pearl Farm, as indicated by their family ancestry.

The people of Bailey other relatives actually maintained an effective business and have turned it into the travel industry, retail and pearl harvesting purposes.

During Banfield’s greeting, he does not miss the opportunity to display his Willie Creek Pearl field ornamentation. His family also bought a pearl accessory for $15,950 for his football club.

The Debbie and Robert Banfield Age revealed that Bailey’s father, Robert Banfield, appeared to be in his mid-fifties. Nonetheless, his careful date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Robert stands tall with a height of five feet nine inches and weighs around seventy kilograms. She has short hair, oval face and stunning character.

Debbie Banfield belongs to the age classification of 40-50 years. Her date of birth is still a mystery and is known exclusively to her relatives.

She stands tall with a height of five feet six inches and weighs around 65 kg. She provides her child Bailey with an extremely warm relationship.

Debbie and Robert Banfield ethnicity is traced to Debbie Banfield’s Asian descent, while her significant other, Robert Banfield, lives in a modest community in Wikpin, Western Australia. They have another child named Mackenzie.

Their child, Bailey, struggled to make an impact during the 2016 AFL Draft and ended up playing in the Western Australian Football League for the Claremont Football Club.

He was a part of the WAFL Head Association Group, and was named Kamal in 2017. He was then selected by Fremantle as a first-round pick and fifth in general in the 2018 AFL Freshman Draft.

Meet Debbie and Robert Banfield on Instagram Debbie and Robert Banfield on Instagram aren’t dynamic. Anyway, their baby is on Instagram at @baileybanfield.

He has a public record with 84 posts and 7155 devotees. Everything from their games to their fans can be found on their feed.

Bailey often promotes her privately owned company and even wears their items to show the world through her Instagram.

Bailey Banfield Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography


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