When Does The NBA Regular Season End 2022 Kind Info!

When Does The NBA Regular Season End 2022 Kind Info!

Today in this post we will be discussing the (When Does The NBA Regular Season End 2022). If you are interested to know about this. Read this post till the end. The 2021–22 NBA regular season ends on Sunday, April 10. The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament begins Tuesday, April 12. The first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs begins four days later on Saturday, April 16.

When Does The NBA Regular Season End 2022

The NBA ran an intensive 2020-21 campaign, with 72 games lasting from December 22 to May 16. The 2021-22 schedule has an additional month of regular-season time as in previous years.

This season’s busy schedule was particularly an issue with regard to injuries, with ESPN’s Baxter Holmes reporting in April that the All-Stars had missed about 15 percent of games.

“Hands off, this is the worst program I’ve seen in 25 years in the league,” said one assistant coach. “It’s completely insane.”

The 2022 NBA Draft also returns to its familiar setting in June, shortly after the end of the playoffs and very close to the conclusion of the college basketball season.

The 2021 draft is scheduled for July 29, while the 2020 edition took place on November 18.

When do the playoffs start and end?

In basketball, it’s a great time to watch the NBA playoffs. Many basketball fans will skip the regular season and turn their attention after the season.

The playoffs begin in mid-April and last until the beginning of June. As long as there is no delay, like a pandemic, the NBA follows a fairly consistent schedule from year to year.


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