March Madness 2022 Bracket, Predictions, Right Now Kind Info!

March Madness 2022 Bracket, Predictions, Right Now

In this post, you will be reading about the March Madness 2022 Bracket, March Madness 2022 Bracket Predictions, March Madness 2022 Bracket Right Now.

The 2022 Men’s NCAA Tournament for March Madness begins with the first four games in Dayton, Ohio, and continues until 2022 Final Four in New Orleans. The selection for the men’s tournament is Sunday 13 March 2022.

Find out full details of the Men’s 2022 March Madness tournament schedule below. First, the TL/DR version:

March Madness 2022 Bracket, Predictions, Right Now

March Madness 2022 Bracket

While there is no guarantee of past history in this Cinderella-based NCAA tournament, for the past 16 years the number one seed has won the first round every time and the number two seed has only lost three first round games… a 95% win average. .

What makes the brackets exciting are the 13 and 14 seeds who went on to win the first round 20 times since 1992… a sweet 16% that leads to dreams of glory. Look for them in your parentheses. Also look for teams from smaller conferences or those that had a bad start to the season but turned up their game during the previous weeks to withdraw invitations. A slump or injury that a power player on the roster recovers from can mean fewer seeds for a solid team.

We tracked verifiable correct parentheses from all major bracket games throughout the tournament. The last perfect was busted on Saturday. No one came within shouting distance this season of Greg Swallow, who correctly picked the first 49 games in 2019 before his first miss.

Here’s a quick guide on how teams earn places in the NCAA Tournament.

How are March Madness teams selected?
There are two ways a team can bid for the NCAA Tournament. The 32 Division I conferences all receive an automatic bid (there were 31 in 2021), which they award to each team that wins the postseason conference tournament. Regardless of how a team performs during the regular season, if they are eligible to play after the season and win their conference tournaments, they are selected to receive bids for the NCAA tournament. These teams are known as automatic qualifiers.

March Madness 2022 Bracket Predictions

16CampbellFGCU/Texas SouthernNicholls State/Norfolk StateWestern Illinois
8MinnesotaIowaTexas TechBYU
9West VirginiaOklahomaNorth CarolinaVirginia Tech
5VillanovaXavierSeton HallTennessee
12Murray StateDavidsonIonaUAB
4Iowa StateAuburnKentucky Ohio State
13New Mexico StateUC IrvineChattanoogaOakland
6WisconsinProvidenceIllinoisColorado State
11CreightonArkansas/BelmontSaint Mary’s/St. BonaventureNorthwestern
3LSUMichigan StateHoustonSouthern California
7Loyola ChicagoTexasUConnMichigan
10IndianaSan FranciscoFloridaWake Forest
15Weber StatePrincetonTexas StateTowson

I’ve been guessing Brackett for more than enough years to know that it’s a mid-January tradition to realize we’re looking at the weakest bubble we’ve ever seen. So while I’m not going to say that’s the case, it’s certainly hard to come up with 36 worthy big teams.

With that in mind, welcome, St. Louis!

The last-minute game scheduled for this past Saturday between St. Louis and Iona ended in a crucial win for the Billikens, who had previously won some notable wins over Boise State and Richmond. None of their four losses were to teams currently outside the Kenpom Top 50, and three of the four losses were decided by five points or less.

March Madness 2022 Bracket Right Now

Right now, the bubble is relatively favorable for mid-majors with big expectations. Three Mountain West and three WCC teams make big bucks, and those conferences are well represented on the bubble right now. Also on the right as seen today is Belmont, which in this scenario earns the second bid for OVC.

Will it work? It is to be decided. When we start looking at parentheses, the mid-heads usually have the edge, but the high-heads teams that get lots of opportunities for quality tend to win slowly but surely with such resumes. Manufactures that look good while mid-major leagues move through the game. That said, the WCC and Mountain West are in good shape right now as there is enough quality at the top of each league for bubble teams to build their resumes. All they have to do is avoid bad losses. For a team like Belmont, which has a very weak convention, it will be difficult to survive in this area, given how many opportunities it has left to bolster its resume.


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