Frenkie de Jong Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Brother, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Frenkie de Jong Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Brother, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Frenkie de Jong Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Brother, Height and Weight: Frenkie de Jong is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Netherlands national team. A versatile midfielder, he is known for his vision, passing, dribbling, technique, along with strong defensive abilities and attacking prowess. Wikipedia

Frenkie de Jong Net Worth 2022

He earns an estimated 16 million per year, so his net worth will grow exponentially over the years. It is currently worth around 12 million euros (£10 million). Its market value is skyrocketing. He is showing that he is worth the 85 million euros that Barcelona paid. As a matter of fact some people have said that Barca have actually paid less than what they deserve. Its current market value is approximately 90 million euros (80 million pounds).
Frankie de Jong has a net worth of €12 million as of 2021. The midfielder agreed a deal with FC Barcelona in 2019 that pays him a staggering 16 million euros (£14.3 million) per year. By our calculations, he receives €43,716 (£39,211) per day and €1,821 (£1,634) per hour!

Frenkie de Jong Salary 2022

Annual: ₹ 1,33,44,80,512.00
Monthly: ₹ 11,12,06,709.33
Weekly: ₹ 2,56,63,086.77
Daily: ₹ 51,32,617.35
Frenkie de Jong earns a gross base salary of $18 million as of September 2021. Before that, he was earning a little less and his Ajax salary was around one million euros.
Monthly, this means that de Jong earns close to $1.5 million, making him around $350,000 per week and closer to $70,000 per day.


Year Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Club Position League Age Contract Expiry
2022 £164,000 £8,528,000 Barcelona D C, DM La Liga 24 30-06-2026
2021 £176,000 £9,152,000 Barcelona D, DM, M La Liga 23 30-06-2026
2020 £166,000 £8,632,000 Barcelona D, DM, M La Liga 22 30-06-2024
2019 £17,000 £884,000 AFC Ajax D, DM, M Eredivisie 21 30-06-2022
2018 £12,000 £624,000 AFC Ajax D, DM, M Eredivisie 20 30-06-2022
2017 £5,300 £275,600 AFC Ajax D, DM, M Eredivisie 19 29-06-2019
2016 £3,300 £171,600 AFC Ajax D, DM, M Eredivisie 18 29-06-2016
2015 £70 £3,640 Willem II D, DM, M Eredivisie 17 29-06-2017
2014 £80 £4,160 Willem II D, DM, M Jupiler League 16 29-06-2017

Frenkie de Jong Contract 2022

The 24-year-old is still under contract until 2026, and to his credit, he has turned things around under Xavi Hernandez. De Jong has impressed in Xavi’s midfield, remains a regular starter, and at this time, no one at Barca is considering selling him.
And that’s given exactly how much de Jong loves Barcelona, ​​and given his intentions to stay really long. “It’s great to be in Barcelona,” he told Ziggo Sport via Sport. “I don’t think there are many better places to live.”
When de Jong joined Blaugrana in 2019, he signed a huge six-year contract. And asked if he would sign another six-year contract to stay at the club when his current deal expires, he simply replied: “Yeah, probably.

Frenkie de Jong Wife

Many believe that Mickey Kimani is Frankie de Jong’s wife because she is a childhood sweetheart. As far as we know Frankie de Jong and Mickey are considering getting married, but if it ever happens we believe it will be too far in the future as they are so young. Mickey Kimani is a successful entrepreneur with his own clothing brand. Mickey Kimani is also known as the girlfriend of the ace of Barcelona, ​​Frankie de Jong. Now, let’s take a closer look at the biography of Miki Kimenei and learn everything there is to know about him.

Frenkie de Jong Brother

And there are several reunions at this Sunday’s game at Camp Nou. Two of them are Dutch players who have led the campaign from the Eredivisie in LaLiga and share one surname. Of course both are excellent signings, both are very prominent at the start of this competition and both know each other very well. He has entered the Dutch tournament and is a teammate. It is about Jong’s siblings.

The eldest of them is Luke. The forward, 29, moved from PSV to Seville this summer as a team with 31 goals last year: 27 of them in the Eredivisie. RAM was the second biggest producer of the Dutch competition, being defeated by Tadic by only one goal. For Lopetegui, de Jong is a key player, having kept him in six games, but the goal is opposing him, and his lack of success could soon take its toll. The coach, however, has always come out in defense of his footballer.

Instead of Frankie it sits in the controversial Barca spine. The 22-year-old former Ajax player has played all seven LaLiga games and scored a goal, which he scored for Valencia on the fourth day.

Frenkie de Jong Height and Weight

Height 1.80 m
Weight 74 kg


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