Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Partner To Know!

Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Partner

Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Partner: Who is Daniel Ricciardo? Daniel Joseph Ricciardo AM is an Italian-Australian racing driver who is currently competing in Formula One, under the Australian flag, for McLaren.

Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth 2022

In August 2018, Daniel Ricciardo signed a two-year contract with Renault which pays him an astonishing $35 million per year. Under his previous contract with Red Bull, he was earning $6 million per year. Most recently, with McLaren, Ricciardo is likely to be the 7th highest-paid F1 driver on the 2021 grid, as his salary could go up to $10 million.

Source of wealthF1 racing
Salary$35 million
CarsFord and Range Rover
ResidencePerth, Australia
Property$1.1 Million

Daniel Ricciardo lives in Perth, Australia in his luxury home purchased in 2015. The estimated value of his real estate is around $1.1 million. He also bought a Beverly Hills mansion worth $13 million in 2018. Ricardo’s personal investment is also about $4.8 million.

If we add up the annual salary, cars and assets, we can easily conclude that Daniel Ricciardo is one of the highest net worth sportspersons in the world. Daniel Ricciardo’s net worth and income is expected to grow at a strong pace. Over the next few years, Daniel Ricciardo’s net worth is expected to grow by about 34%.

Daniel Ricciardo Salary 2022

Ricciardo was tied with Renault for a $35 million contract, which made him one of the highest paid F1 drivers worldwide. Daniel Ricciardo’s current contract with McLaren is estimated to be around $15 million a year.

Ricciardo will earn an annual salary of $15 million at McLaren, the joint-fourth highest-paid driver on the grid. This figure does not include driver performance bonuses and individual sponsors.

In 2020, Ricciardo was ranked 48th in the list of highest paid athletes in the world by Forbes. He earned around $27m from his salary at Renault and $2m through endorsements.

Daniel Ricciardo Contract 2022

It was reported in May that Ricciardo was set to take a major pay cut as part of his deal with McLaren, but the money attached to the contract was never publicly confirmed.

The former Red Bull driver is reportedly facing a pay cut of about $25 million a year to his basic salary, according to French reporter Marc Limacher.

Reports claim Ricciardo was set to earn an astonishing 25 million euros ($41.5m) during the 2020 Formula 1 season with Renault before the Australian took a pay cut during the coronavirus-enforced season lock down. Cut accepted.

Lemacher now claims Ricciardo’s deal with McLaren is worth $17 million a year (10 million euros per year) – less than half of his current deal.

Daniel Ricciardo Partner

Daniel Ricciardo was previously in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend and college sweetheart Gemma Boscovic. The two went to high school together and then they started dating. Reports suggest that Gemma and Danielle both lived together in Monaco before separating in 2016. But now there are reports that Gemma has moved on with another sports star, which is Kiwi star Andre Heimgartner.

He himself has confirmed this news. And now fans are wondering if Danielle has moved on like Gemma. He has been in a relationship with several women after their separation, and now another woman is said to be the rumored girlfriend of Danielle Ricciardo. In the later sections of this article, we will find out the authenticity of this news.


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