Calvin Ridley Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Calvin Ridley Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Calvin Ridley Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height and Weight: Calvin Orin Ridley is an American football wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. He played college football at Alabama, and was drafted by the Falcons in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Wikipedia

Calvin Ridley Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Calvin Ridley has a net worth of around $10 million with an average salary of $2.72 million. On 5 July 2018, Calvin signed a 4-year contract with the club which is worth $10.9 million. On 3 May 2021, Calvin was approached with a one-year extension to his contract.

As a result of his success, Ridley was rewarded with a new contract in 2020 that included a signing bonus of $6m. His current salary is around $2.3m, with some incentives built into the deal.

Calvin Ridley Salary 2022

Calvin Ridley signed a 4-year, $10,900,711 contract with the Atlanta Falcons which includes a signing bonus of $6,007,790, guaranteed $8,454,251 and an average annual salary of $2,725,178. In 2022, there will be earnings hitting Ridley’s cap.

Calvin Ridley’s salary is $1,966,461, which includes a signing bonus of $1,501,949. Calvin Ridley currently plays position WR for the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League, the senior football league in the United States.

Year Basic Salary Sign Bonus Total Salary
2023 $11,116,000 $11,116,000
2021 $1,966,461 $1,966,461
2020 $1,470,974 $1,637,155
2019 $975,487 $1,037,618
2018 $480,000 $6,007,790 $6,487,790

Calvin Ridley Contract 2022

Big news on the suspension of Calvin Ridley, whose contract betting on sports will take a toll during his (at least) one-year suspension from the NFL. He will now be under contract until 2023 and his salary of $11.116 million will be taken off Atlanta’s books this season.

Prior to this news, the Falcons were $7 million over the 2022 salary limit, per Now, with a week until the start of a new league year, OverTheCap is reporting that the Falcons have $3.375 million in cap space with Ridley’s cap hit. The league also informed teams on Monday that the salary cap for the 2022 season has been officially set at $208.2 million.

Calvin Ridley Wife

The 26-year-old is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Dominic Fetchard. Dominic Fetchard is the longtime girlfriend of Calvin Ridley and the mother of their child.

Calvin Ridley Height and Weight

Height 1.85 m
Weight 86 kg


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