Andrea Belotti Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Andrea Belotti Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height and Weight Kind Info!

Andrea Belotti Net Worth, Salary, Contract 2022, Wife, Height, and Weight: Andrea Belotti Cavaliere OMRI is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a striker for the Italy national team. Belotti started his career with AlbinoLeffe. He was later signed by Palermo, where he won a Serie B title in the 2013–14 season, before being signed by Torino in 2015. Wikipedia

Andrea Belotti Net Worth 2022

Andrea Belotti has amassed a net worth of £16.2 million. He made his fortune through his professional footballer career. He is the captain as well as the striker of his current football club Torino. As of 2022, Belotti has a net worth of £16.2 million or $19 million. He made this fortune from his fruitful business as a footballer through contract submission, sponsorship, and so forth. His annual salary is currently around $4 million or £3.5 million euros. Back in 2020, his salary was $2.5 million. He lives a lavish lifestyle from the earnings of his business.

Andrea Belotti Salary 2022

Andrea Belotti earns £64,000 per week, £3,328,000 per year playing for Torino as a ST. Andrea Belotti’s net worth is £19,560,840. Andrea Belotti is 27 years old and was born in Italy. His current contract expires June 30, 2022.

Year Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Club Position League Age Contract Expiry
2022 £64,000 £3,328,000 Torino ST Serie A 27 30-06-2022
2021 £68,000 £3,536,000 Torino ST Serie A 26 30-06-2022
2020 £55,000 £2,860,000 Torino ST Serie A 25 30-06-2022
2019 £60,000 £3,120,000 Torino ST Serie A 24 30-06-2021
2018 £51,000 £2,652,000 Torino ST Serie A 23 30-06-2021
2017 £49,000 £2,548,000 Torino ST Serie A 22 29-06-2021
2016 £22,000 £1,144,000 Torino ST Serie A 21 29-06-2020
2015 £6,500 £338,000 Città di Palermo ST Serie A 20 29-06-2018
2014 £670 £34,840 Città di Palermo ST Serie B 19 29-06-2014

Andrea Belotti Contract 2022

Torino did their best to extend his deal beyond the summer, but are now resigned to losing him as a free agent when his contract expires in three months. There has been considerable interest from Serie A clubs, although it looks like the Premier League could be Belotti’s next destination. Newcastle did not place a transfer bid. However, he reportedly offered the 28-year-old a contract between €7million (£5.8million) and €8million (£6.6million) per season.

Andrea Belotti Wife

Giorgia Duro has achieved an enormous amount of success on the Italian television stage. She is a beautiful woman as well as a caring mother and plays the role of a responsible housewife. Her husband, Andrea Belotti is a key player for Serie A team Torino. He has been associated with Italian football for almost a decade. He also won Euro 2020 with the national team. After all these years, he has garnered a huge fan base and his life and career have become a hot topic of discussion for the media houses.

Andrea Belotti Height and Weight

Height 1.81 m
Weight 72 kg


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