EFL scrap Covid tests on the day of matches to stop late call-offs after anger among all 72 clubs


The EFL has abolished COVID tests on game day to prevent late call-offs.

The move comes into force immediately after several matches were left in limbo as the wait for cheques was postponed.

EFL players will no longer be tested for COVID on match day unless they are showing symptoms


EFL players will no longer be tested for COVID on match day unless they are showing symptomscredit: getty

There is anger in 72 clubs and in the EFL that fans are going to matches and being disappointed with the results, leading to the postponement of games.

Blackburn fans had to jump back on supporters’ coaches on Boxing Day – two hours before kick-off at 12.56 p.m. after arriving at Hull Stadium just before the official cancellation.

So under the new protocol, no player will be tested on match day unless he is showing symptoms.

This is a decision supported by medical experts, who do not think that there is any risk involved in avoiding ‘on the day’ tests.

On Boxing Day, just nine of the 32 matches scheduled in the EFL went ahead, including just two of the ten matches in the championship.

The same story happened on Wednesday as well.

There were supposed to be 28 games in the Championship, League One and League Two.

However, 19 were postponed with nine of the 11 canceled in the fourth leg.

And on Thursday morning, Tranmere announced their game at Salford on New Year’s Day after the Rovers were closed due to a COVID outbreak within the squad.

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