Chelsea’s Christensen in Barcelona FREE talks, Haaland LATEST, Newcastle’s Diego Carlos bid REJECTED

Chelsea's Christensen in Barcelona FREE talks, Haaland LATEST, Newcastle's Diego Carlos bid REJECTED

Dembele turns down Barca’s demands

Ousmane Dembele hit back at Barcelona, ​​claiming he still wants to play for the club.

Barcelona announced the winger was available for sale this month after rejecting several offers for a new contract.

Dembele’s current deal expires in the summer but he has revealed he remains committed to the club despite a stall in talks.

He said in a statement: “Gossip about me has been accumulating for four years. It’s been four years since people who have spoken up for me, shamefully lied with only one purpose – to harm me.

“Till today it is over. From today I will speak honestly without any blackmail.

“My message is transparent. I refuse to give the impression to anyone that I am not involved in the game project.

“I forbid anyone to tell me intentions for me that I never did. I forbid anyone to speak for myself or my representative, whom I have full confidence in.

“Still under contract, I am fully involved and at the disposal of my club, my coach.

“I’ve always given my all for my partners and all partners – now it’s not like that’s going to change. I’m no less a cheater and no less a guy who has a habit of blackmailing me.

“As you know, talks are going on. I let my agent handle it, this is his ground.

“My field is the ball, playing football, sharing happy moments with my teammates. Above all, let’s focus on winning.”


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