Arsenal vs Man City LIVE score: Bukayo Saka fires Gunners into lead as City miss two great chances

Arsenal vs Man City LIVE score: Bukayo Saka fires Gunners into lead as City miss two great chances

Bukayo Saka gave Arsenal a good lead in the match against Manchester City.

Martin Odegaard was denied an early penalty as City missed two big chances before Kieran Tierney scored for Saka.

A fourth official, Kevin Friend, was to be brought in as an assistant referee as Constantine Hatzidakis was ruled out at the last minute.

In town is Joao Cancello who is just days after the starting line-up undergoes a hellish ordeal of being attacked inside his home by thieves.

Phil Foden is also out to City and doesn’t even make the bench.

Takehiro Tomiyasu starts for Arsenal, but Mikel Arteta will not be at Emirates Stadium.

The Arsenal boss has yet to score a goal against his former employer in the league.

  • Kick Off Time: UK at 12.30 pm
  • TV Channels/Live Streams: BT Sport 1, BT Sport Ultimate and BT Sport App
  • Arsenal Team: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Zaka, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Lacazette.
  • Manchester City Team: Ederson, Canelo, Dias, Laporte, AK, Rodri, Silva, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Jesus, Sterling.
  • Phil Foden out of city squad


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  • Kick-off – Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    46. ​​The second part is underway! There are no changes to the report, and even more so what Arsenal, Mikel Arteta and Albert Stuivenberg would expect.

    If City fail to step up their game in the next 45 minutes, the stakes for tomorrow’s meeting between Chelsea and Liverpool will be even higher.

  • First half facts and figures

    Manchester City have 67% captures and 304 passes in the first half, but have yet to register a shot on target.

    Meanwhile, four of Arsenal’s 12 tackles came from impressive Thomas Partey.

  • half the time – Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    Stuart Atwell spent time in a blistering, scintillating first half from Arsenal’s point of view.

    Courtesy of Bukayo Saka’s effort, the Gunners lead at the break, and it’s at least they deserve the desire and confident performance.

    City, on the other hand, have been sluggish by their high standards, and Pep Guardiola will certainly have a lot to say in the dressing room.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    45. City force a corner at the end of the first half.

    Ramsdale has been the most animated in Arsenal’s goal when celebrating Saka’s strike, but he does well here to rise above the packed penalty box to claim the cross.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City – Martinelli Chance!

    43. Brilliant run from Martinelli! Can he accomplish it with one goal? No, just wide!

    The Brazilian again has it beating Cancello on the far side, and scuttles his way into the box with a combination of speed and skill. All that is missing is over with the final flick on Ederson leaving the far post.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    41. A heavy albeit fair challenge from Rodri leaves Saka in a heap.

    The goalscorer looks to be in some discomfort, but it’s nothing that can’t be patted on the stomach of his teammates.

    The doubt is now lifted and ready to go again.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City – Martinelli Chance!

    39. Almost a second!

    Lacazette is the provider again, slipping back a pass to Martinelli on the left. The Brazilian works his way from the right side, only to drive a rising shot to the far post.

    It will be a rare feeling for him, but Pep Guardiola will be hoping the half-time whistle comes early.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    37. It must be said, this has been a really impressive performance from Arsenal, and a far cry from one in the reverse fixture when they were pitted 5-0.

    Mikel Arteta deserves a lot of credit for the way he has turned performances. It’s almost like managers do better with time and support.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    35. How un-Kevin De Bruyne like.

    The Belgian weighs a cross from the left, but it’s all wrong in terms of height, power and accuracy. It goes into the hands of Aaron Ramsdale.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    33. How will the city react if it falls behind?

    It’s been almost a month since he last scored, and only the second time in the last 23 matches he’s allowed a goal in the first half.

  • Arsenal 1-0 Man City

    31. Bukayo Saka’s form’s rich vein continues!

    Kieran Tierney bursts to the left, and slides a pass into the center of the box.

    This may bode well for Alexandre Lacazette, but Saka is alert enough that he darts from 15 yards ahead of both his captain and Nathan Eck to sweep a beautiful low left foot behind Ederson.

    Emirates explodes, players celebrate, and somewhere, Mikel Arteta dances around his living room.

  • Goal – Suga Score for Arsenal!

    Arsenal have their reward for the first half!

    It’s Bukayo Saka with his seventh goal of the season!

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    29. Better than the city.

    Sterling collects possession with his back to the target, turns and moves on. Xhaka dives in with a challenge – luckily for all concerned – that he misses, and then White intervenes with a tackle that he gets just right.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    27. Three City players are required to block a Lacazette shot from 20 yards.

    It’s been a while since Pep’s men have been fired like this.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    25. Arsenal have over 70% possession in the last five minutes, and if City players didn’t know they were in a game before, they do now.

    They are firm for now, but the back four looks as frantic and playful as Pep Guardiola does on the touchline.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    23. The hosts are definitely targeting City’s left with centre-back Nathan acting as a stand-in full-back.

    Saka and Tomiyasu are taking a double whammy on the former Bournemouth man, and it’s paying off. The gunmen have begun to take charge.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    21. After describing Bernardo Silva’s adventures to Hoover, Martin Keon now compares Kevin de Bruyne’s feet to a paintbrush.


  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    20. It’s getting a little bit spirited in there.

    This brand new improved arsenal is about as good as it gets, and includes taking on some great challenges on your opponents.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    18. De Bruyne goes for the goal with an optimistic curler from outside the box.

    It spins far enough away from the target. Belgium has yet to notice him in the afternoon.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City – Martinelli Chance!

    16. At the other end, Gabriel Martinelli moves close to breaking the deadlock!

    The Brazilian weaves his way from the left but is unable to squeeze his low shot past Ederson into the near post. Again, the City goalkeeper blocks with his feet.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City – Dias Chance!

    14. How has Ruben Dias failed to score?!

    Arsenal defend a city corner well, but their marking falls to pieces during its second leg. Sterling hits the ball from deep into the field again directly over the head of the unchallenged Ruben Dias.

    The centre-half only needs a touch to beat Ramsdale and find the net, but his contact is no more than a brush and instead goes wide.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    12. Arsenal players are not happy, and keep scolding the referee.

    At home, Mikel Arteta probably has his foot through the television screen—and not just because of a co-remark from Steve McKenna.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    10. Is this a punishment?!

    A flowing move from left to right sends Odegaard into the box, and the Norwegian tries to nudge the ball away from Ederson’s boot as the goalkeeper slips out.

    There’s clear contact that sends Odegaard crashing to the floor, but the question is, did Ederson make contact with the ball or Arsenal first? Stuart Atwell believes the city stopper played the ball, and this is a view upheld by the VAR official.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    8. Pep Guardiola is a restless man in his technical field, with folded hands and shouts at the start of his team.

    I think he had won this stability by now.

  • Arsenal 0-0 Man City

    6. Ederson is out of his line to prevent a down pass from Tomiyasu.

    City does well to reach the ball ahead of goalkeeper Saka, and then does well to stay inside the penalty area in his hands.


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