Aaron Rodgers Wife: Net Worth, Contract, Salary, Family, Education Info!

Aaron Rodgers Wife: Net Worth, Contract, Salary, Family, Education

Today in this post we will be discussing the Aaron Rodgers Wife: Aaron Rodgers Net Worth, Aaron Rodgers Contract, Aaron Rodgers Salary, Aaron Rodgers Family, Aaron Rodgers Education Info! and much more about Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Charles Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. 

Aaron Rodgers Wife: Net Worth, Contract, Salary, Family, Education Info!

Aaron Rodgers Wife

Rodgers was in an intimate relationship with actress Olivia Munn between 2014 and 2017. In addition, Olivia is a former television show host.

He had a leading role in the series Beyond the Break between 2006 and 2009.

In addition, she has appeared in films such as 2010’s Date Night, 2007’s Big Stan, 2010’s Iron Man 2, and 2012’s Magic Mike.

On the evening before the Super Bowl, the 37-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed that he quietly got engaged in 2020 without sharing the identity of his partner. A few days later, it was confirmed that Aaron Rodgers’ would-be wife was none other than Big Little Lies actress Woodley. “We met during this wacky, wacky time,” Woodley later told Jimmy Fallon.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth

Net Worth:$120 Million
Born:December 2, 1983
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional NFL Player
Last Updated:2022

As of 2022, Aaron Rodgers has a net worth of $120 million, and he is now one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL alongside the likes of Tom Brady.

If you add Rodgers’ $120 million to Woodley’s $12 million — yes, the actress’ net worth is about 10 percent of that of her fiancée — their combined net worth is $132 million.

Sportrack tells us that Rodgers is in the fourth year of his current contract with the Packers, which has paid him more than $100 million, with bonuses totaling more than $22 million this season. His football salary accounts for the majority of the money he makes. But that’s not all. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rodgers has business ventures that include a minority ownership stake in the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

Aaron Rodgers Contract

YearAgeBase SalaryProrated BonusRoster BonusWorkout BonusOther BonusGuaranteed SalaryCap
Cap %Dead Money & Cap SavingsCut (pre-June 1)Cut (post-June 1)Trade (pre-June 1)Trade (post-June 1)RestructureExtension 
2019 📝36$1,100,000$14,352,000$13,400,000$500,000$0$13,400,000$29,352,00014.9%
2020 📝37$1,550,000$14,352,000$5,240,000$500,000$0$5,240,000$21,642,00010.6%
2021 📝38$1,100,000$19,173,568$6,800,000$500,000$0$6,800,000$27,573,56814.9%
2023 📝40Void$7,673,570VoidVoidVoidVoid$7,673,5703.4%$7,673,570$0

Aaron Rodgers signed a four-year, $134 million contract extension with the Packers on August 29, 2018. The contract guarantees $98.2 million, including a signing bonus of $57.5M. $78.7 million is fully guaranteed upon signing. The contract details come from Joel Corey of CBS Sports who was the first to have a complete breakdown of the contract. Per Corey, Rodgers has a roster bonus in each of the first four years of his contract. The first two years of the roster bonus are fully guaranteed. $19.5 million is virtually guaranteed to be signed in 2020 and officially becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the grace period in 2019. Their 2022 roster bonus is due on the third day of the league year. There are $4 million in incentives that are tied to playtime, performance, and team success. Rodgers’ salary cap charge increased by $337,500 in 2018 and by $5.4 million in 2019 as part of an expansion in his cap charge.

Aaron Rodgers Salary

  • Footballer – Green Bay Packers – United States
  • Born: 1983 Chico, California, USA
  • Annual: ₹ 2,49,30,85,074.00
  • Monthly: ₹ 20,77,57,089.50
  • Weekly: ₹ 4,79,43,943.73
  • Daily: ₹ 95,88,788.75

Aaron Rodgers signed a 4-year, $134,000,000 contract with the Green Bay Packers, which includes a $57,500,000 signing bonus, $98,700,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $33,500,000. In 2021, Rodgers will earn a base salary of $1,100,000, a signing bonus of $14,464,706 and a roster bonus of $6,800,000, while having a cap hit of $27,073,568 and a dead cap value of $53,920,704. The details of the contract are given below:

Aaron Rodgers Family

Rodgers is a middle child with two brothers – Luke, the eldest, and Jordan, the youngest, and according to family members that have surfaced in the media, Aaron is not close to his family at all.

The rift between them became public after Jordan—a former football quarterback—appeared in 2016 as a contestant on the reality show “The Bachelorette.” He revealed that he and his family were not talking to Aaron.

Aaron Rodgers Education


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