Tyson Fury’s five options for next fight like cave to Whyte’s demands, take on UFC’s Ngannou or RETIREMENT curveball

Tyson Fury's five options for next fight like cave to Whyte's demands, take on UFC's Ngannou or RETIREMENT curveball

Tyson Fury has told his heavyweight world title rivals that he doesn’t have time to fight or accept separate deals.

But the undefeated WBC King at 6ft 9in has plenty of options, no matter which way the giant-fortune cookie breaks in the next 24 hours.

Fury hasn't fought since defeating Deontay Wilder in October last year


Fury hasn’t fought since defeating Deontay Wilder in October last yearcredit: AP

Ideally Fury wants to delay his overdue imperative challenge from Dillian White, leaving him free to face WBA, IBF and WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia to become the undisputed king.

But it would mean that White and Anthony Joshua – who activated their rematch clauses to recoup their September loss to Usyak – not only accepting the move-apart money, but agreeing to the winning pair. The terms are also accepted which the winner receives on the first.

It’s expensive and confusing, but could crown the first four-belt heavyweight ruler in history and secure a coveted legacy for the four people involved.

But it is a Gypsy King who insists that money, world titles and even records and prestige are worthless.

So SunSport has taken a look at its options as the clock ticks down for some major announcements and potential shocks.


plan a

A big-money boxing fan is ready to collect cash to pay AJ and White separate doughs and let Fury and Usyak collide in the desert.

Fury would then be just 12 rounds away from emulating Britain’s legend Lennox Lewis and becoming the undisputed winner.

If he is successful he will be one of the most massive stars on the planet and his next move will be quite unexpected.

AJ and White agree to any deal that he will have an undisputed right to a shot at the WBC title and that he will remain undisturbed if he retires, is pulled out of the game in any way or fails to fulfill his obligation. Would like to incur heavy financial penalties.

But Fury can see that as a fair price to pay for being able to complete the game, retiring undefeated and having all the belts scattered around, almost emulating for any of his rivals of this era. makes it impossible.

A bout with Usyk would unite the heavyweight division


A bout with Usyk would unite the heavyweight divisioncredit: Richard Pelham / The Sun

alternative plan

White has ongoing legal and arbitration cases with the WBC, in which he has to wait for his shot at the green and gold belts and his share of a potential Fury purge.

SunSport understands that until these disputes are settled, Fury cannot defend his WBC World Title against anyone else.

But their UK promoter Frank Warren has temporarily held the Manchester ground for 26 March and has confirmed that Fury could be fighting a heated battle without the WBC world title on the line.

Fury will still defend his esteemed Ring Magazine belt and his claim to the legendary Lineal Championship and it will serve as the UK homecoming after a handful of American take away payouts.

This would also give White and the WBC and AJ and Usyk a chance to settle their differences.

Warren plans homecoming for Fury in Britain on March 26


Warren plans homecoming for Fury in Britain on March 26credit: getty

plan c

Fury loves to play mind games with all his rivals and also in completely different games.

UFC heavyweight King Francis Nganou defended his crown over the weekend and is at war with the company over his relatively poor pay compared to boxers of equal status.

Ngannou has insisted that he will not fight for the UFC again under his current contract and Fury has teased him about his £500,000-per-fight earnings.

The WBC will probably reverse this move by making Fury their own franchise or emeritus champion, and a new fairytale belt to fight for Britain and Cameroon, as they did with the Money Belt, fighting Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. was approved for.

Fury teases Ngannu with the prospect of a big money fight


Fury teases Ngannu with the prospect of a big money fightcredit: AFP

plan d

The WBC has decided that White is only entitled to a 20 percent purge from any potential fight with Fury.

Considering the 34-year-old Brixton Body Snatcher is their interim champion, former Diamond champion and mandatory challenger, this seems too harsh and SunSport understands that White’s promoter Eddie Hearn will appeal if that figure is implemented.

An easy solution for Fury would be to accept the parting with about 30 percent of the potential windfall and meet White in a UK ring.

But it seems that Fury and the WBC have a shared dislike for White and are unlikely to help the contractual lone wolf in any way.

Talks continue with White and his representatives


Talks continue with White and his representativescredits: PA


Fury is in the middle of a grueling training camp, hammering his body with fellow heavyweight Joseph Parker and thanks to imported American nutrition guru George Lockhart.

He seems ready to fight but Fury is completely unpredictable and can sabotage everyone’s plans by retiring – temporarily or not.

This drastic move would leave the WBC belt empty and the unregulated Mexican organization free to choose someone from its ranking to face White.

And, after all the bad blood and legal lines going on between them, the WBC could hand him a high-risk low-wage clash against someone like Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortiz or even Brit Joe Joyce.

Fury’s undefeated record will remain intact and he will be supported to return at any time to advance his career for the sanctioning body.

But with so many big-money options on the table, the move seems impossible.


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