‘Lived it from day one’

'Lived it from day one'

Anthony Joshua calls Mike Tyson the heavyweight ‘boss’ as the boxing legend ‘won from day one’.

In 1986, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history, defeating Trevor Berbick at just 20 years old.

Anthony Joshua calls Mike Tyson heavyweight 'boss'


Anthony Joshua calls Mike Tyson heavyweight ‘boss’credit: instagram @boss
Mike Tyson during his prime in 1990


Mike Tyson during his prime in 1990credit: getty

It well and truly lived up to its self-proclaimed “Badst Man on the Planet” nickname, after years of terrifying the split.

In an ad for fashion label Hugo Boss, 32-year-old former Unified Champion Joshua credited 55-year-old Tyson for his iconic career.

He said: “I adore Mike Tyson. He embodied the discipline of a boss, which really made him one of the greatest legends of all time.

“He didn’t wait to get there. He lived it from day one.”

Joshua was a longtime heavyweight division boss, previously holding the WBA, IBF and WBO world titles.

But he insisted that there is no secret to success other than following the fundamentals with dedication and commitment.

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Joshua said: “My coaches say in boxing, ‘If you follow your A, B and C, it will get you to KO’.

“If you go about the mindset of a boss then follow the principles of the boss: work ethic, discipline, helping, teamwork.

“Follow your A’s, B’s and C’s and in boxing it will lead to KO and in business it will lead to the ultimate boss.”

Joshua last fought in September, when he was dethroned by 35-year-old Alexander Usyk in round 12.

He has exercised his right to an immediate rematch, but Usyk is also in talks to unify his belt with the WBC version of Tyson Fury in the Middle East.

It complicates matters as Fury, 33, is mandated to fight WBC mandated challenger Dillian White, 33.

Meanwhile, Usyk is owed AJ and a contracted rematch, meaning Joshua and White will need to receive a step-separate fee.

It is believed that a deal has been offered to have the two sit out, to allow Fury and Usyak to fight in a four-belt heavyweight unification for the first time.

But in a recent social media post, Joshua reportedly denied agreeing to a £15m deal.

Alexander Usik defeated Anthony Joshua


Alexander Usik defeated Anthony Joshuacredit: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Tyson Fury still in talks to fight Alexander Uski


Tyson Fury still in talks to fight Alexander Uskicredit: Reuters


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