How fighters compare ahead of potential trilogy fight between YouTubers


YouTube rivals KSI and Logan Paul have fueled speculation that a trilogy match is about to be announced.

The pair, who first drew in 2018 before winning a rematch a year after KSI, teased that news of some ‘final chapter’ would emerge on January 4.

KSI and Logan Paul filmed a podcast together


KSI and Logan Paul filmed a podcast togethercredit: eroteme

But, since their Los Angeles rematch, the two have forged a friendship, filming a podcast and comedy show together.

Despite the newly acquired honours, a fascinating trilogy between the two cannot be ruled out.

And here SunSport goes down how the two compare in the boxing ring.


The British former gamer helped start the trend of social media stars wearing boxing gloves.

KSI – real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji – defeated Joe Weller in the third round of their white collar match.

Soon after, he called on Paul and American’s brother Jake, setting up a grudge match.

But six rounds of exhibition action could not separate KSI, 28, and Paul, 26, paving the way for a rematch.

KSI prevailed after a quick start but had to overcome a knock to the floor and an illegal strike.

This cost Paul a double-digit cut and eventually lost the fight, split-decision.

KSI continues to train and has entered talks to fight younger brother Jake, but amid the coronavirus pandemic, his return has been put on hold.

KSI beat Logan Paul on points in their rematch


KSI beat Logan Paul on points in their rematchcredit: Getty Images – Getty

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Logan Paul

After losing Paul’s points to KSI, he only returned this June, but did so in a standout exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather.

The podcaster showed clear improvement — despite being with a boxing legend — and kept Mayweather the distance.

This technically meant, as there was no knockout, Paul avoided defeat.

He weighed two stones as massive as 44-year-old Mayweather, but was much more unrivaled in terms of experience.

Paul has since been in talks to fight heavyweight icon Mike Tyson, 55, who made an exhibition return in November 2020.

But lately, Paul has been nursing a broken arm, which has kept him from returning.

Interestingly, he admitted that KSI hit harder than Mayweather, the self-proclaimed ‘Best Ever’.

Paul told True Geordi: “Definitely KSI, definitely. Not even the competition.”[Mayweather’s] Clean shot, I was like, ‘Cool, good shot.’

“KSI I’M LIKE, ‘Keep my f***ing face off those hands’.”

Logan Paul distances himself from Floyd Mayweather


Logan Paul distances himself from Floyd Mayweathercredit: getty


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