Dillian Whyte told to ‘quit screwing around’ and agree Tyson Fury fight by promoter Bob Arum as pay row rumbles on

Dillian Whyte told to 'quit screwing around' and agree Tyson Fury fight by promoter Bob Arum as pay row rumbles on

Dillian White is asked by Bob Arum to ‘stop screwing’ and agrees to fight Tyson Fury.

The WBC recently ordered Fury to defend his heavyweight title against mandatory challenger White.

Tyson Fury with his American promoter Bob Arumu


Tyson Fury with his American promoter Bob Arumucredit: getty
WBC Essentials Challenger Dillon White


WBC Essentials Challenger Dillon Whitecredits: PA

But he later confirmed that any purse-sharing percentage would be 80 percent in favor of the champion.

Fuming White has since opposed the decision and is appealing it, pushing back the dates for the purse bids.

But American Hall of Famer Arum and promoter Frank Warren are ready to pay a mega-money fee to the British claimant and put an end to the controversy.

Arum told Sky Sports: “If he wants to fight and stop messing around, he can get a decent salary and prove he’s of world-class caliber taking on Fury.

“We want to fight that. It’s a good fight for the UK.

“White should sit down with himself and Frank Warren and make a deal to guarantee that, and we’ll get this show on the road.

“Come to the table and see if we can make a real deal. Let’s quit screwing around.

“I don’t know Dillian, but I think he wants to fight. I don’t know his psyche.

“Let’s let Alexander Usyk fight Anthony Joshua, who is contracted, and let’s let Fury fight White.”

WBC president Mauricio Suleiman confirmed the split was determined after reviewing Fury and White’s recent payments.

Suleiman told BoxingScene: “The idea for the 80/20 split comes from the wallets the fighters have earned in their recent fights.”

White expected a 45 percent split because of his position as the WBC ‘interim’ winner.

But Fury’s improved profile has seen the WBC award the lion’s share of the potential fight purse.

With a fixed salary percentage going to arbitration, it reduces the chances of negotiating fees outside of purse bids.

Come to the table and see if we can get a real deal. Let’s stop circling.

Bob Arum on Dillian White

If it reaches that level, the highest bidder among the interested parties will receive the right to stage a fight.

If the purse fails to strike a deal outside bids when opposing promotional teams, and White rejects the 20 percent cut, the fury could look elsewhere.

Arum has already named former champions Andy Ruiz Jr. and Robert Helenius in the race as alternate opponents.

Ruiz, 32, is best remembered for defeating 32-year-old Joshua in June 2019, but lost a rematch six months later.

The 37-year-old Helenius is on a three-fight winning streak, his last two coming against 32-year-old Adam Konaki.

But ultimately, the man himself will have the final say when No. 1 target White falls through.

Arum said: “It’s up to Tyson. We’ve discussed other opponents.”

March 26 marks Fury’s homecoming – his first fight in the UK since 2018.

But Arum warned: “If the fight is a week later or two weeks later? It’s not the end of the world.”


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