‘Couldn’t carry JOCKSTRAP of proper boxer’

'Couldn't carry JOCKSTRAP of proper boxer'

Tony Belle has issued a furious response to Jake Paul’s overrated New Year’s resolutions.

Paul has extended his undefeated streak to five fights since moving from YouTube to boxing in 2020 – although he has yet to face a professional boxer.

Jake Paul's cocky New Year's resolution angered British boxing legend Tony Bellew


Jake Paul’s cocky New Year’s resolution angered British boxing legend Tony Bellewcredit: Getty Images – Getty
Tony Bellew hits out at Jake Paul and appears unhappy with his boxing run


Tony Bellew hits out at Jake Paul and appears unhappy with his boxing runcredit: getty

The Problem Child is looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for him and the great Floyd Mayweather as he mocks him on social media.

The 24-year-old revealed his four goals for this year and one of them is to buy a Mayweather promotion so he can “save them from bankruptcy”.

Paul tweeted, “Some people are asking about my 2022 goals.

“They are here:

“1. Buy the Mayweather promotion and save them from bankruptcy.

“2. Hire a stylist for Floyd Mayweather.

“3. Take Selfie With Oprah [Winfrey],

“4 Go 2 Chiropractor 2 Come back from pursuing the sport of boxing.”

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but the fourth point furious boxer belev, who demanded that the controversial Paul do it “again”.

Bomber insisted that the American’s claim was completely false because he “cannot take the jockstrap” of a real boxer.

Belew replied: “You can’t get a proper boxer son’s jockstrap.. Please rephrase point 4!”

British superstar Jake and his brother Logan have been critical of Paul’s involvement in boxing.

Bruiser, 39, claimed his introduction to the game was “wrong” and predicted someone could be seriously injured.

Belew previously said: “It’s false that they are claiming for the sake of the game that they are these fighters.

“I’m okay with you doing some quid, it’s great when they’re all making some money and everyone else making some money.

“But understand, doing that can hurt someone and then it’s going to come back to boxing.

“So you need to take it seriously, boxing is a professional dangerous, brutal business.

“Don’t mess about with it and try and think it’s show business, it’s cameras, it’s lights, fun and games.

“There’s nothing funny about being in the ring with another guy who wants to take your head off your neck.

“I’ve been there, I’ve done it. Trust me, one of these fights will hurt and then it all comes down to rain.

“Only then would boxing be called a sporting joke, ‘It’s a disgrace, it’s wrong.’ Stop it now.”

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