Canelo Alvarez is so good he has run out of worthwhile opponents

Canelo Alvarez is so good he has run out of worthwhile opponents

Canelo Alvarez has just been named Fighter of the Year for 2021 thanks to three impressive KO victories in nine months.

The four-weight world champion, Mexican Marvel, has now removed the super-middleweight to unify the 12th division.

Canelo Alvarez has just been voted Fighter of the Year for 2021


Canelo Alvarez has just been voted Fighter of the Year for 2021credit: getty

Alvarez finds that he is too good for his own good because he has grown out of meaningful opposition.

He plans to challenge DR Congo’s Ilunga Makabu for his WBC world cruiserweight crown in order to find someone to pull him.

It’s a formidable two-stone jump in weight.

If it seems that somewhat far-fetched Frank Sanchez, a 6ft 4in 21-fight unbeaten heavyweight contender, has made the absurd claim that Canelo is capable of taking on Tyson Fury.

Sanchez regularly hangs out with Canelo, who, he says, keeps more to himself.

Because of the huge physical disparity between Alvarez and the Gypsy King, it would be like mixing Tom Thumb with Goliath.

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At 5 feet 9 inches Canelo is a foot shorter than Fury, he will reach 14 inches and weigh at least seven stone more than that.

Although history tends to repeat itself, it should be remembered that this will not be the first time a world middleweight champion has faced a heavyweight king.

In 1909, the Stanley Ketchell, Michigan killer—who was the same height as Alvarez—faced the famous Jack Johnson in California.

Ketchell and Johnson were hell-raising friends who often went to gambling joints and brothels together.

There has always been a strong suspicion that Johnson had given his word to go easy on the little boy.

Since the pair were on a percentage of the fight film taking, they agreed that it should go on for a full 20 rounds to ensure bumper cinema audiences.

Everything was going smoothly till the 12th round when Kettle forgot the script.

He swung a roundhouse to the right that crashed onto Johnson’s chin and splintered it.

Johnson, who was more humiliated than hurt, was furious as he rose to his feet.

His promise not to hurt Ketchell disappeared into a red mist and he hit his opponent with the right uppercut so hard that it not only knocked him unconscious, but knocked out all of Stanley’s front teeth.

Johnson was seen in the film carefully removing the four teeth that were embedded in his glove.

A year later Kechel’s life came to a tragic end. He was shot in the back while having breakfast at a friend’s Missouri farm and was killed by a man he accused of mistreating horses. He was only 24 years old.

There is not the slightest chance of conflict between Alvarez and Fury.

At least that means Canelo won’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on dentistry.

Unbeaten WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury


Unbeaten WBC Heavyweight Champion Tyson Furycredit: getty


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