Who Is Danny Amendola Girlfriend Olivia Culpo? Jean Watts Break Up and Split Rumors

Who Is Danny Amendola Girlfriend Olivia Culpo? Jean Watts Break Up and Split Rumors

Daniel James Amendola is an American football wide recipient who plays for the Houston Texans of the National Football League.

Amendola has also performed for the Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. He was received as an unreleased freshman by the Dallas Cowboys in 2008.

According to Wikipedia, the competitor received 204 for 2,246 yardage and 15 points during his school game at Texas Tech.

Olivia Culpo is notable as Daniel Amendola’s ex. They had a hit or miss, feeling, yet apparently they are not together at this point.

According to the source, Amendola gave a detailed explanation about herself and their engagement on Instagram, then, at the time, promptly deleted it.

Culpo is a note, entertainer and style fashion figure from the United States and was awarded Miss USA and later Miss Universe in 2012 after recovering the Miss Rhode Island USA challenge.

She hosted the Miss Universe event in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 19, 2012, where she showed the United States.

Olivia attended the Sherry Hill runway show at Trump Tower in New York City on September 10, 2013 and lived in India from September 27 to October 6.

Danny Amendola and his singer sweetheart Gene Watts have split once again after their previous split.

The NFL Wide collector’s relationship with the female amigo gene seems to be on maintenance, as the singer cast Amandola, 35, as his sweetheart in a late Instagram story.

News broke in November that Amendola and Watts had decided to go separate directions. In May 2020, they were interestingly linked.

In February, the couple interestingly shared a picture of themselves, which revealed that they were together. However, those pictures have been removed from his profile, adding another height to his engagement.

Danny Amendola has never been married and has no life partner since.

Despite dating various notable superstars, the American wide benefactor is yet to find a bunch with a suitable woman.

In 2013, he had an extramarital affair with Oklahoma model and entertainer Talor Ryzin. She went to the University of Central Oklahoma as a grant student.

In the years 2015 and 2016, Amendola was linked to Adams, a well-known sports broadcaster, journalist and television personality. New photos of Amendola roaming the ocean with an unidentified woman have surfaced in February 2020 igniting the theory.


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