What Happened To Simon Whitlock Hair? Fake Hair Extensions, Illness Update

What Happened To Simon Whitlock Hair? Fake Hair Extensions, Illness Update

The Wizards tackled the most recently delegated Best on the Planet, to Peter Wright, from the Masters with the bat in the competition. Simon Whitlock crowned with entertainment as he crushed Peter in the second round.

He has now reached the quarterfinals of the Masters twice. Whitlock was a late call-up to the competition, replacing Danny Knoppert, who withdrew on 10 January.

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Darts: What Happened to Simon Whitlock’s Hair? Does he have fake hair extensions? Looking at the length of Simon Whitlock’s hair, one can infer that he must have had more than two hair growths. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that no one got some information about the reality of his hair during their meetings, we may never know.

Assuming you’ve ever seen Simon Whitlock live on TV, you’ll understand why he’s been called “The Wizard.”

Whether he is an artist or not, the Australian specialist darts player certainly looks like it. Simon just needs a robe and a wand to finish off his pleated mullet haircut and trademark bun.

His remarkable and stand-out appearance has undoubtedly earned him a huge number of fans over a long period of time. Whitlock has been growing his facial hair and mustache for over 10 years to add weight to the nickname given to him by his respected fans.

Simon is never seen without the length of his midsection once again pulled into a ponytail, which adds to the general impression of his appearance. He wants more than one dark versatile band to keep his hair off his face.

He used to fix his facial hair forever before going out. In any case, given the state of his facial hair nowadays, it is unclear whether he explores the opportunity to integrate it into his daily schedule away from his training.

While most Aussies are snoozing for nine hours, Simon invests that energy into re-grooming his hair. In any case, he does it at regular intervals or anywhere near.

Whitlock fought at the British Darts Organisation, from 2004 to 2009, before transitioning to the PDC.

Simon Whitlock Illness Update This year Simon Whitlock has become disease free. However, this does not mean that he has never suffered. In May 2019, he was experiencing tendonitis, which was causing him pain and stiffness.

Although minor tendonitis usually heals in half a month, Simon struggled for a long time before feeling well.

During the first round of World Matchplay, Simon wore a heavy lash on his right elbow. His ligaments gave the impression of being ignited. Still, he insisted that he felt a great deal of improvement.

In addition, Simon withdrew from the German Darts Open in April 2018 due to an illness he would never unveil.


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