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De Oliveira is the highest scorer in the first edition of the occasion, due in most part to 13 goals against Marca Futsal, who set up the juniors arrangement in the double-header.

He moved to Asti in mid-2011, where he is generally working in the under-21 group. They were named in the major group list for the final period of the Italian Cup, which was won by Piedmontese.

Know age and height Julio de Oliveira Julio de Oliveira has reached the age of 30 in 2022. He was born on the date 8 June 1991. Oliveira is a Brazilian 5-a-side football player and natural Italian.

He stands at a height of 182 cm and weighs 76 kg.

Aosta took him to Italy at a young age, and he spent his early few seasons in both the primary group and under-21 development, with whom he reached the title before losing to Terni.

Is Julio de Oliveira on Wikipedia? Indeed, the life story of Julio de Oliveira is referenced on Wikipedia’s authority site.

The strength of Raul Albany’s under-21 group, a similar selector, put him in the Trial Public Group, which participated in the Tour of Thailand on 6 and 7 January 2013.

In June of the same year, coach Roberto Menichelli called him to an entry-level position with the Senior Public Group, and he made his appearance in a two-way well-dealed match against Vietnam.

On this occasion, he scored his first goal in a blue shirt. Roberto Menichelli remembers him for the crew’s final stay for the 2018 European Championship on January 28, 2018.

Subtleties on Julio de Oliveira Net Worth Julio de Oliveira has not revealed his actual net worth subtleties to his followers. Looking at his business measurements, he can be worth more than $3 million.

His actual income has so far been kept out of plain view. His futsal profession has all the indications of him having a significant type of revenue.

Contestants sponsorships and contests are likewise types of revenue for a competitor.

Who are Julio De Oliveira Parents? Julio de Oliveira did not reveal the subtleties of his people to the media.

The athlete has remained silent, making it intense for him to drop Data regarding his own life.

When it comes to some information about his parents’ business and relatives, he remains silent.

Meet Julio De Oliveira on Instagram Julio De Oliveira goes on Instagram by the handle @juliodeoliveira11. He has 2.7K followers on his Instagram account.

The contestant has a total of 283 posts on her Instagram account. He also mentions his occupation and birthday in his profile field.


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