Bowls: Who Is David Bolt? Partner/Wife and Net Worth Details On The English Bowler


David Bolt is an England worldwide and he was the national singles champion in 2011. The male yard and indoor bowler was born and raised in Sunderland.

Bolt was even selected as a part of the English group for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland. There he won the bronze during the fours with Jamie Chastney, Louis Redout and Sam Tollcard.

In addition, the bowler has opened a cuisine shop. He said; “I am totally excited to finally have my own cuisine shop—as far as I can remember, it has been an aspiration to dig in.

David continued, “I am confident that the business will do really well as there is no one to provide bowling gear and frills especially in the north of England.

David Bolt is an English male grass and indoor bowler according to his memoirs on Wikipedia.

Bolt is an England worldwide and was the national singles champion in 2011 and the hero of every 2014 national four during the men’s national championship.

Also, the contestant was born on 23 December 1978 in Sunderland. Right now he is 43 years old. He plays for Silkworth BC Club and South Shield IBC Club.

David is a specialist bowler with an extensive web-based media outreach. His web-based media has a great deal of fans and is dynamic on it as well.

David Bolt is married to his partner and wife, Liane. Meanwhile, he has not been very open regarding his life.

In any case, in some reports, he mentioned that “I needed to get really sick last year and obviously I wouldn’t have the option of moving on as a mailman.”

Plus, David said, “So after talking it over with my partner, Lian, I decided to dive in and do something I needed to do for practically forever.”

The bowler kept saying; “He is acting as far as I trusted and I only need to get the message out to the people of South Tyneside.”

David Bolt’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million. He may have a brother, although he has not recently become acquainted with him.

David’s full resources are fully filling up in 2021-2022. The majority of his salary comes from his superb bowling abilities. His devoted nature has made him fruitful.

Apart from this, Bolt has not said anything about his family yet. However, on examining his way of life, he seems to be leading a standard life. He has made his people happy by winning the Hong Kong International Bowl Classic singles title.

The competitor was also selected as a component of the English group for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland.


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